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DCB112 Udskiftning Li-Ion Batteri Oplader til Dewalt 12 V 14,4 V 18V Lithium Celler Batteri Oplader Dyr pris!



Status :På lager


Tags: 12v power suppli, oplader telefonen, 12v batteri lithium, 18v batteri, 18v batteri dewalt, dewalt værktøj, DeWALT, worx, dewalt del, 12 v batteri.



Adopt high-molecular eco-friendly material, firm and stable, anti-broken and can provides long service time.

Built-in 8 type protection, over heating protection, short circuit and battery protection, over current protection, overtime protection, over charge protection, leakage protection and over pressure protection.

Charging protection, long charging and detection of damaged batteries.

It is the newest rapid charger for your electric power tools.

Charging current of 3A, output range of 12 V-20V.

When the battery is full, there will be notification to remind you.

Mini size and lightweight, will not occupy too much space.

Compatible models:


XR Li-Ion 18V: DCD740/DCD740B/DCD780/DCD780B/DCD780C2/DCD780L2/DCD785C2/DCD785L2/DCD980L2/DCD985B/DCD985L2/DCF880C1-JP/DCF883B/DCF883L2/DCF885/DCF885B/DCF885C2/DCF885L2/DCF895B/DCF895C2/DCF895L2/DCG412/DCG412B/DCG412L2/DCS331B/DCS331L1/DCS331L2/DCS331N/DCS380B/DCS380L1/DCS381/DCS391B/DCS391L1/DCS393/DCB120/DCB121/DCD710/DCD710S2/DCF610/DCF610S2/DCF813S2/DCF815/DCF815N/DCF815S2/DCK210S2/DCK211S2/DCL040/DCL510/DCS310/DCS310S1/DCT410S1/DCT411S1/DCT414S1

Dewalt DCD700/Dewalt DCD710/Dewalt DCD710S2/Dewalt DCF610/Dewalt DCF610S2/Dewalt DCF805/Dewalt DCF813/Dewalt DCF813S2/Dewalt DCF815/Dewalt DCF815N/Dewalt DCF815S2/Dewalt DCK210S2/Dewalt DCK211S2, Dewalt DCR006/Dewalt DCS310/Dewalt DCS310S1/Dewalt DCT410S1/Dewalt DCT411S1/Dewalt DCT412/Dewalt DCT414/Dewalt DCT416/Dewalt DCT418/Dewalt DCT419


Name: Replacement Charger for Dewalt

Product model: DCB112

Input parameters: 100-260V, 50-60Hz, 0.8A

Output parameters: 12-20V, 3A (Max output voltage is less than 22V)

Item size: 180 * 140 * 90mm / 7.09 * 5.51 * 3.54in

Package size: 180 * 140 * 90mm / 7.09 * 5.51 * 3.54in

Package weight: 420g / 0.93lb

Package list:

1 * Replacement Charger for Dewalt

1 * Guideline

  • Funktion 1: Batteri Oplader til Dewalt
  • Model-Nummer: DeWalt DCB112
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • Certificering: CE
  • DIY-Forsyninger: ELEKTRISK
  • Funktion 2: 18V Lithium Celler Batteri Oplader


B Hanneman (2021-01-18)

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