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2.4 G Trådløs Lavalier Mikrofon Lavalier Revers Clip-on Mikrofon til iPhone og Android-Telefon Voice Optagelse af Video Mic Tilbehør


Status :På lager


Tags: andoer officielle, kamera microfone, lyd dslr, spil bærbar, kjoler comica, android mobil telefon, microphon, gruppen mikrofon, mobil telefon, kamera video.


  • Pakke: Ja
  • Certificering: CE
  • Meddelelse: Wireless
  • Sæt Type: Multi-Mikrofon Kits
  • Model-Nummer: G18L
  • Mærke: ulanzi
  • Bruger: Konference Mikrofon
  • Stil: Lavalier Mikrofon
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • Transducer: Kondensator Mikrofon

This very good quality excellent recommended product very aesthetic and works perfectly well packed and arrived very but very fast

Masinkaja (2020-09-21)

Good and suitable for price. The shipment was a short time Guardian.

Tlkral032 (2020-12-05)

Everything is exactly the same as on the video published by the seller. The sound can not say that it is straight terrible, quite normal sound when there is nothing better. There is gain adjustment. Communication keeps normal. There is no apparent interference. But as on the video there is some noise in the form of snow and frequency cut occurs at the level of 7 KGC., that by the way and stated in the instructions coming in the kit. That's why the voice is what you hear on the video, although it will still depend on voice data, situation, etc. In my room, for example, he is not so pressed. In general, this is like an ultra budget option for beginners bloggers and for the opportunity to sound something and not be tied to one place. For the purpose does not fit.

Padillaang (2020-09-09)

buen producto , probarse y luego comentaré algo más

Mustafahafidh (2020-08-20)

Excellent microphone, I loved it, it's great, there's just a little, very little background noise. All the content is excellent, it is to arrive and turn on the one you receive and the one you transmit. The sound is great.

Eldiyei1 (2020-11-17)

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